The Newsletter 2020-10-05
Preparations for the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) are in progress

The Delft High Performance Computing Centre

Preparations for the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) are in progress.
Faculties AE, AS, TPM, CEG, 3mE and EEMCS are part of DHPC from the beginning. The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has now also joined and there is interest from IDE.


The governance structure, in which roles and responsibilities are described, was developed. DHPC will have a user board in which every faculty is represented with two or three users together with ICT.
The DHPC Advisory Board, with representatives from the faculties, meets monthly. Recruitment for the members of the expert pool (0.4 FTE per faculty) has recently started. The main tasks of the expert pool are user support, instructions and training. The expert pool will be managed by a DHPC scientist (vacancy).

Tender and planning

Unfortunately, the European tender for the selection of the supplier for the hardware costs more time than expected. Therefore, we expect that the cluster will be available for Delft researchers and students around September next year. 


The DHPC website is live. Take a look at

Vacancy Scientist DHPC

The vacancy for Scientist DHPC is still open until 18 December 2020:
For questions or more information about DHPC, please contact scientific director DHPC Kees Vuik or secretary DHPC Suzan Derks: