date (y-m-d)subject
2021-11-12the monthly Numerical Analysis Seminar series at TU Delft
2021-11-11OpenFOAM Workshop on December 3, 2021
2021-10-01Programming on the GPU with CUDA 22-nov
2021-09-30RASPA online school/workshop 2022
2021-09-29Introduction course into Programming using MPI November 15, 2021
2021-06-18OpenFOAM Workshop on June 18, 2021
2021-06-17What is the best name for the Delft High Performance Computing Centre?
2020-10-09Supercomputer on TU Delft campus
2020-10-08What is the best name for DHPC?
2020-10-07CUDA Course Apr. 13, 2021
2020-10-06Invitation Numerical Analysis Seminar February 19th
2020-10-05Preparations for the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) are in progress
2020-10-04Register for the Open Science workshop on November 26, 2020
2020-10-03Invitation: MPI course December 2, 2020
2020-10-02Computational Chemistry Workshop with the Amsterdam Modelling Suite, Jan 21-22, Delft (online)
2020-10-01Open Science workshop November 26.
2020-09-30Invitation Numerical Analysis Seminar October 23, 2020
2020-09-29RASPA online workshop/school
2020-01-26Reminder! OpenFOAM Workshop on March 12, 2020
2019-12-22vshdhc demo
2019-12-21OpenFOAM Workshop on November 25, 2020
2019-12-20Parallel Programming course
2019-11-15MPI course 25 feb
2019-11-14Reminder: Seminar on MPM and OTM 18 december
2019-11-13Symposium "Simulations of Atoms, Molecules and Small Particles" in Delft, Feb. 10 2020
2019-09-05DCSE Fall School November 4-8, 2019, on Reduced-Order Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification
2019-09-04DARSim Lecture -- 30 September 2019 12:30-13:30 -- Ivan Yotov, University of Pittsburgh
2019-08-20Programming FPGAs with MaxJ organized Researchers and Students (PhD, MSc) Sept. 23&24, 2019
2019-08-19Call for Abstracts ACOS 2019
2019-07-07DCSE Fall School November 4-8, 2019, on “Reduced-Order Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification”
2019-07-06 MPI course February 25, 2020
2019-07-05REMINDER! Invitation (11/9/2019)!: Internal Celebration "Grand Opening: Go DHPC Center"
2019-03-17Reminder: announcement PhD student OpenFoam Meeting on June 20, 2019
2019-03-16Reminder: Save the date! OpenFOAM Workshop on June 20, 2019